6 Things to Pack When Your Dog is Boarding in Jonesboro, AR

Are you thinking of boarding your dog in the near future? Do you know what you need to bring with her while she’s being boarded? If you’ve never boarded a dog before, you might not be aware of the items you need to pack for your furry friend while she stays away from home.

Essentials for Your Dog’s Boarding Visit

Here are 6 important things to pack for your dog’s boarding stay.

1. Food

Pack your dog plenty of food for her stay at the boarding facility. Bring the food she’s used to eating, as changing her food during a stressful time like this could cause some serious problems with her in terms of digestion. Bring more than enough for the length of time she’ll be staying at the dog boarding facility.

Additionally, make sure to write down detailed directions for how much your dog is fed and how often she gets her food. This way, the employees at the boarding facility will know what to feed her and when, and she can stay on her normal schedule.

2. Medication

If your pet is taking any medication, bring it along to the dog boarding facility. Do not bring the entire bottle but bring some extra doses in the unlikely event that you might not be able to pick your dog up on time as planned.

Additionally, bring the medication in its original bottle with its labeling from the veterinarian. You should also write down any instructions about how much to give your dog with and how often she is given her medication, as well as any other directions (such as giving the medicine with food).

3. Vet Records

Bring your dog’s vet records to the boarding facility when you first book the appointment and when you drop your dog off for her stay. Be sure she is up to date on all of her vaccinations and check ahead of time with the boarding facility to find out which shots are required, and which are strongly recommended for staying with them.

Don’t bring the only copy you have of your dog’s vet records, however. Make sure you keep at least one copy for yourself at home so you will have it on hand when you need it in the future.

4. Favorite Toy

Consider bringing along your dog’s favorite toy for her stay. This way, she’ll have something to play with and chew on that will remind her of home, and something that is familiar to her as well. If you don’t want to risk losing her favorite, maybe bring her second-favorite toy instead.

Be sure to ask the boarding facility ahead of time for more information about bringing toys. Do not bring a toy if your dog will be left unsupervised with it, as there is always a risk she could chew off part of the toy and swallow it if she isn’t watched carefully.

5. Favorite Blanket

Your dog probably has a favorite blanket or pillow that she sleeps on most of the time. If so, you might want to bring it along, since it will give her a place to curl up and sleep that feels like home. She will be able to relax more easily if you give her a personal space like this.

Try to avoid bringing her dog bed, however, as there’s always a chance something could happen to it at the boarding facility, and you might not get it back. It is easier to replace a blanket or a pillow than a whole dog bed.

6. Clothes that Smell Like You

Your dog is likely to be nervous away from home, even if she’s been boarded in the past, and she will miss the smell of you and the household. By bringing along some of your old clothes that smell like you, you can provide your dog with a more comfortable adjustment to being boarding.

Be sure to bring something that you won’t miss if your dog happens to chew it up or use it for a toilet. You never know what might happen, and it’s better to be prepared!

dog boarding in jonesboro, ar

Need to Book a Dog Boarding Stay?

When you pack your dog’s must-have items for her boarding stay, you’ll be able to feel more confident in leaving her at the dog boarding facility while you’re away from home. She will also feel better when she has the items she’s used to having from home with her.

Be sure to contact the boarding facility ahead of time to find out if there are any other items they require you to bring with your dog for her stay. They can also answer any other questions you might have about boarding with them before you arrive.

If you are looking to book a boarding stay for your dog call Animal Medical Center at (870) 9358387!

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