When is the Best Age to Neuter Your Dog in Jonesboro, AR?

Do you have a dog? Are you thinking of having him neutered? Are you considering getting a dog in the near future but aren’t sure when to plan for this procedure? Or are you not sure you want to go through with it at all?

Neutering is an important process for pet dogs. It provides health benefits and can help cut down on the overpopulation of pets and strays. However, some dog owners have trouble recognizing when it’s time to have their pets neutered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the basics you need to know about when it’s time to neuter your dog in Jonesboro, AR.

Dog Neuter in Jonesboro, AR

Myths About Dog Neutering

Myth: Have at Least One Litter

You should wait to dog neuter until they have bred at least once. This is not true for male or female dogs; it is perfectly safe to have a dog neutered (or spayed) before the dog has had a chance to breed. In fact, doing so cuts down on the overpopulation of animals.

Myth: More Health Risks

Neutering will cause a dog to have more health risks. There are no excessive health risks associated with neutering male dogs. This procedure is a quick and simple one, and almost every male dog can go home the same day because of the simplicity and ease of the surgery.

Myth: Your Dog Will Become Passive

Neutering will make your dog too passive. Although dog neutering can sometimes positively impact a dog’s behavior, there is no reason to believe it will make a dog too passive or too lazy. Dogs are naturally excited to exercise, play, and go for walks, so as long as the dog is given an environment and household conducive to this he will be active.

Myth: Indoor Dogs Don’t Need to Be Neutered

Neutering isn’t necessary if your dog lives indoors. Dogs are never indoors one hundred percent of the time, and there are always going to be times when your dog goes outside. Even if you think you can always keep an eye on your dog, there will be risks and there can be chances when he could breed with other dogs. Even indoor dogs should be neutered.

Facts About Dog Neutering in Jonesboro, AR

Fact: Dog Neutering is Safe

Dog neutering is extremely safe and routine. Veterinarians perform neutering procedures all the time in Jonesboro, AR, and there are no reasons to believe your dog will have any serious complications from neutering. Male dogs can usually go home the same day as the procedure and don’t need too much time to recover from it—although they should be prevented from chewing their stitches until they heal.

Fact: There are Health Benefits

Neutering gives your dog tons of health benefits. A neutered male dog will not have any risk of testicular cancer anymore and will also have a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Neutered dogs will also be less likely to get into fights with other intact males over breeding disputes, which will improve their overall health and wellbeing too. Additionally, neutering can sometimes reduce the risk of other types of cancer and other chronic diseases in dogs.

Fact: Temperaments Improve

Neutering helps some dogs improve their temperaments. Although neutering should never be done solely for the purpose of correcting bad behavior or an aggressive temperament in dogs, there is a good chance it can help. When neutered, a dog becomes less concerned with breeding and therefore less aggressive. He may also become less fearful if he has had a lot of anxiety problems in the past.

Fact: Neutering Prevents Roaming

Dog neutering can prevent roaming behavior. Finally, when you have your dog neutered, this will correct most roaming behaviors. Although some dogs are still prone to becoming escape artists, many will stay contentedly at home or in the yard without the natural drive to breed encouraging them to run away. Your dog will be safe at home and won’t be at risk for roaming when neutered.

The Best Age to Neuter Your Dog in Jonesboro, AR

The best age to neuter your dog, given that he has no other factors or concerns such as underlying health conditions to consider, is six months of age. Some vets, however, may neuter earlier depending on how much a dog has developed by this point.

For the record, although it is best to neuter as early as possible, it is better to wait a little longer when spaying a female dog. Spaying should be put off until sometime between 1 and 2 years of age due to the risk of cancer.

With this information, you should be prepared to choose when it’s time to neuter your dog. Keep in mind that your vet can provide you with more thorough and detailed information and can also give you recommendations based on your individual dog’s needs.

Call Your Veterinarian at Animal Medical Center

When you work closely with your veterinarian, you can ensure you’re giving your dog the best treatments and procedures at the right time in his life, every time. Call (870) 9358387 to speak to your vet at the Animal Medical Center in Jonesboro, AR or book an appointment online for more assistance in choosing when to neuter your dog.

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