Why Your Exotic Pet Should See the Vet in Jonesboro, AR

Everyone knows that you should take a dog or cat to the vet for regular checkups and treatment when they are sick or injured. However, many people forget that exotic pets need this care too, even if they are small. This may leave many new exotic pet owners wondering: why should my exotic pet see a vet?

Just like more common pets, exotic pets can get injured and catch illnesses that may require veterinary care. In addition, they may have a genetic disorder or another medical condition that requires special care.

In this article we will be describing all the reasons why you should take your pet to the exotic vet. Let’s get into it!

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Exotic Pets Can Still Get Injured or Catch Illnesses

Exotic pets can still catch diseases or get injured, and these might require veterinary care. This is especially true if you have multiple animals that could catch an infectious disease, and if an injury or disease could potentially be life threatening for your exotic pet. It doesn’t matter if your exotic pet is a bird, mammal, fish, or reptile, you should always take them to the vet if they get sick or injured and you do not know how to help them on your own.


Exotic Pets Can Have Medical Conditions and Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders and other kinds of medical conditions can occur and be passed down in exotic pets just like any other animal. In fact, it can be more common to experience this in exotic pets than dogs and cats. This is due to the higher cases of inbreeding and inexperienced breeders breeding their pets without doing their research beforehand. Unfortunately, these medical conditions and genetic disorders may require specialized care that can be recommended to you from an experienced exotic vet.

Regular Check Ups Can Prevent Long Term Problems

Every animal can benefit from regular checkups at the vet no matter if it is a dog, cat, or an exotic pet. This can prevent long term problems because medical conditions, illnesses, and other potential problems are much more likely to be caught early. This means that your exotic pet is less likely to have any extreme complications because of having a condition that is undiagnosed.

In addition, taking your exotic pets to regular checkups and having a vet that knows your animal well will allow you to receive better care in the case of an emergency. If you have already been to an animal hospital before you have the option to call your vet with any medical questions if they arise, and it is much easier to set up an emergency appointment if you ever need to.

Your Pet May Need Vaccines

Some specific species of exotic pets could receive vaccines that will protect them from some infectious diseases that they could potentially be exposed to. These vaccinations are usually reserved for mammals, but you should always check with a vet about whether your exotic pet needs vaccines. For example, a common exotic pet that needs vaccinations are ferrets.

Your Pet May Still Need to be Groomed

Many exotic pets need to be groomed in a similar way that dogs and cats do. Many mammals that are exotic pets still need to have their nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and fur or hair maintained. If you are not confident in your exotic pet grooming abilities, then a vet that specializes in your exotic pet may be able to help.

You may also need to take your exotic pet to the vet if they have a problem with their grooming such as matting or excessively long nails. In addition, things that can appear to be grooming problems can be an indication that something more serious is going on. As a result, you should definitely take your exotic pet to the vet as soon as possible if you notice hair or feather loss, skin or scale abnormalities, or any lumps or bumps.

Always See a Vet Before Breeding Your Exotic Pet

Many enthusiastic exotic pet owners consider breeding their exotic pets. After all, many exotic pets are not spayed or neutered. However, when breeding any kind of animal it is crucial that you do your research and take the exotic pets that you plan to breed to the vet beforehand. As we have mentioned previously, medical conditions are often inherited in exotic pets through poor breeding from ill-informed and inexperienced breeders. In addition, some exotic animals can become injured or even die during the breeding or birthing process because it has not been carried out correctly. Speaking with your veterinarian before breeding your exotic pet can prevent these things and keep your exotic pets safe and healthy during the breeding process.

Looking for an Exotic Vet?

Not every vet out there is comfortable with working with exotic pets, and not every vet that is willing to work with exotic pets is comfortable with every species. Animal Medical Center’s exotic vets are able to provide the needed care to many different exotic species. To learn more or book an appointment with our team call (870) 9358387 or use the online form!

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