Understanding Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs and Cats in Jonesboro, AR

Stem cell therapy for dogs and cats in Jonesboro, AR involves using your pet’s own stem cells for recovery and reparation of damaged tissue. At the Animal Medical Center of Jonesboro, we have the technology and experience to harvest fat cells (which contain stem cells), send them to our partner lab for stimulation and growth, and then re-inject them into the affected area.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Cats Jonesboro, AR

How Stem Cells Work for Pets

Stem cells are the natural repair cells of the body, and their effectiveness lies in the fact that they are regenerative and able to change their form and function to fit the area of need. For instance, in a patient with arthritis, stem cells injected into a joint will very likely become new cartilage cells, reversing the effect of arthritis.

The Process

In order to collect the adipose (fat) tissue that harbors stem cells, your pet will undergo minor surgery. We use all of the same safety precautions we use in general surgery including tailored anesthesia, an IV catheter, and full monitoring equipment. During surgery, we collect a sample of adipose tissue and send the sample to our partner lab for activation. Once the stem cells are activated, the lab will return them to us, and we will set up another appointment at which we re-inject the cells into the treatment area.

Which Pets Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy for pets is useful in a number of situations and conditions. We may recommend stem cell therapy if your pet:

  • Has a degenerative condition that requires long-term pain management.
  • Does not respond well to or cannot tolerate NSAIDs.
  • Has early arthritis and/or multiple joints afflicted with arthritis.
  • Is compromised and cannot undergo orthopedic surgery to correct an injury or condition.
  • Has an acute injury that will require a long-term recovery plan.
Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs and Cats Jonesboro, AR

Contact Us for More Information

New advancements in veterinary medicine have significantly raised the quality of life for pets well into old age, and stem cell therapy is one such advancement. Contact us at (870) 935-8387 to learn more about this innovative procedure and discuss whether or not your pet is a good candidate for stem cell therapy.