Why is My Cat Vomiting in Jonesboro, AR?

If you are a cat owner in Jonesboro, AR, you probably already know how frequently cats tend to vomit. Some seem to be especially prone to cat vomiting and may even throw up every few days. But if your cat shows other symptoms of illness or generally does not seem healthy along with this frequent cat vomiting, there may be an underlying issue you need to pay attention to.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common reasons why cats vomit. Some of these are more benign than others, but all of them require vet assistance in Jonesboro, AR if they occur suddenly.

Cat Vomiting in Jonesboro, AR


The most common cause of cat vomiting, by far, is the hairball. Hairballs can occur in any cat other than those that are completely hairless; even short-haired cats have this problem now and then. Long-haired cats may be so prone to hairballs that they require hairball medication to help deal with this problem.

You can easily tell if your cat has thrown up a hairball because you will be able to see the hairball in the vomit. While not pleasant, it’s important to check your cat’s vomit to determine if this is the cause. If so, there isn’t any cause for alarm, and you probably don’t need to rush off to the vet either.

Change in Food

Have you changed your cat’s food recently? If so, this may be why he is throwing up more than normal. Some cats in Jonesboro, AR are very intolerant of a variety of ingredients, and others may simply take some time to adjust to new foods. A change from wet to dry or vice-versa may also cause this problem.

Bear in mind that some cats may have food allergies, too. If you notice your cat only vomiting when fed shrimp but not any other ingredients, this may be a good indication that he has an allergy to shrimp. You can ask your vet in Jonesboro, AR for more information.

Acute Illness

Acute illness is a sudden disease that can be caused by bacteria or viruses in your cat’s environment. Think of this like a stomach bug in humans. It’s the same for cats, and sometimes, cats can become sick enough with this type of illness to vomit.

If your cat’s vomiting in Jonesboro, AR has just started and if he shows any other signs of being sick, take him to the vet right away. He may need medication to treat the problem, and he may need IV fluids if he has become dehydrated from vomiting too much.

Chronic Illness

Chronic illness is ongoing and recurring, and it may be something your cat deals with throughout much of his life. Some kinds of chronic illness, such as liver disease, may cause a lot of cat vomiting. Hyperthyroidism is another common cause of frequent vomiting, but it has many other symptoms as well.

Only a vet in Jonesboro, AR can diagnose a chronic condition in your cat. If you think your cat has one of these diseases or if you think his known chronic illness is worsening, take him to the veterinarian right away.

Eating Foreign Substances

Cats commonly eat just about anything they find on the floor, which may include food items but can also include pieces of string, bits of toys, and more. Some cats may also ingest non-food substances that are extremely dangerous, such as staples, paperclips, human medications, cleaning solutions, and more. Toxic plants also fall into this category.

Cats may vomit a lot when this occurs, and the problem can be very serious. You should take your cat to the emergency vet in Jonesboro, AR if you think he has swallowed any foreign substance, as it could cause irreversible bowel damage if not treated immediately.


Finally, some types of parasites may cause cat vomiting. If your cat has worms, you may notice them in his stool when you clean his litter box. In some rare cases, you might also see them in his vomit. Although parasites are unpleasant to deal with, many of them have treatments that work quite well.

If you think your cat may have parasites, you will need to take him to the vet. You should also take along a stool sample, preferably as recent as possible, so the vet can check thoroughly.

Your Vet Can Help with Your Cat’s Vomiting in Jonesboro, AR

With the help of this information, you should be prepared to talk to your vet more about your cat’s vomiting. Of course, some causes of cat vomiting may be much easier to deal with than others, and you may be able to determine some of them for yourself (especially hairballs). However, if you have any questions or concerns, your vet in Jonesboro, AR is the best resource for assistance.

Many causes of cat vomiting can be treated or controlled, and your vet at Animal Medical Center Jonesboro can give you information about how to help your individual cat with his specific needs. Call (870) 935-8387 today with any questions!

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