Discovering and Treating Disease with
Cat and Dog X-Rays and Diagnostics in Jonesboro, AR

At the Animal Medical Center of Jonesboro, we use the latest technology in pet diagnostics to better understand your pet’s health and offer more effective care. We use digital imaging including X-ray and ultrasound as well as a full in-house lab to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition. If you have questions about your pet's health, give us a call at (870) 935-8387.

Digital Imaging Technology

With digital X-ray and ultrasound for cats and dogs, we’re able to view your pet’s internal structures to get a better idea of how things are functioning—or not functioning. Digital X-ray uses significantly less radiation than its film predecessor and works much more quickly too. What’s more, is that it produces a digital file that we can easily share with you or with other veterinarians as needed. X-rays help us with a number of diagnoses including:

  • Locating an ingested foreign body
  • Fractures (broken bones)
  • Organ disease
  • Bloat (or GDV, Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus)
  • And more
cat and dog x-rays in Jonesboro

While X-rays produce a clear static image, ultrasound uses sound waves to generate a moving picture. With it, we can observe organs and the abdominal cavity all in motion to better understand their function. Ultrasound is useful for:

  • Pregnancies
  • Foreign body ingestion
  • Abdominal problems
  • Internal tissue damage
  • Tumor evaluations
  • And more
Black cat standing: Pet Diagnostics in Jonesboro

Complete In-House Laboratory

Our in-house lab has the capability to run a variety of tests on blood, skin, fecal, and urine samples. With an in-house lab, we’re able to run tests in mere minutes and have your pet’s results fast, so we can deliver faster solutions too. Tests we can run at our lab include:

  • CBCs (complete blood counts)
  • Blood chemistry panels (to assess certain blood components such as proteins, glucose, electrolytes, thyroid hormone, etc.)
  • Disease screenings (heartworm, Ehrlichia, feline leukemia, FIV, etc.)
  • Fecal evaluations (to check for intestinal parasites)
  • Urinalysis (to evaluate kidney and bladder health)
  • Cytology (analysis of cells from skin, tumors, reproductive tract, etc.)
  • Fungal cultures
  • And more

We use our in-house lab frequently for pre-anesthetic blood work, dermatology assessments, and so much more. Additionally, we can send samples to our partner lab for further analysis. Learn more about our capabilities at your next appointment or call us today at (870) 935-8387.