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When it comes to dog breeding in Jonesboro, AR, there isn’t a vet in Jonesboro with as much experience or skill as Animal Medical Center. When you’re considering breeding your pet, contact us for a consultation. We’ll assess your pet’s health to ensure that they’re healthy enough to breed and deliver a healthy litter.

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Advanced, Effective Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is constantly improving, and one of the most effective improvements in the field is the Mavic catheter. It allows us to perform transvaginal insemination that places the semen in an optimal position to fertilize the egg. Our Mavic catheter system boasts a very high conception rate.

In certain cases, surgical insemination is preferred. We are able to perform this safe and highly effective procedure. This involves creating a small opening into your pet’s abdomen to gain access to the reproductive tract so the semen can be deposited directly into their uterus where it will join with the egg.

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Prenatal & Postnatal Care

To ensure your pet is healthy enough for reproduction, we offer extensive prenatal services including:

  • Breeding soundness exams (including a physical exam of reproductive organs, semen evaluation, mating ability, and libido)
  • Disease screening (such as OFA evaluations, EIC testing, embryology testing)
  • Ovulation timing
  • Semen storage (with our partner semen bank)

Once pregnant, prenatal care includes as little or as much involvement from us as needed for your bitch. She will have different nutritional needs, a different exercise routine, and other minor changes that could be overlooked by owners inexperienced with the breeding process. If, however, you are a veteran in dog breeding, you can contact us only when needed. When your bitch’s time comes to give birth, we can be there to administer any care needed, including performing C-sections and postnatal care.

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There’s a lot to consider with dog breeding, including your pet’s health, a fitting mate, ovulation timing, sperm motility, and so much more. Contact us at (870) 935-8387 to help you through the breeding process so you can be successful on the first try.