Pet Vaccinations for Dogs, Cats, and Ferrets in Jonesboro, AR

Vaccinations are an essential part of your pet’s health care plan starting from the time they are very young. Pets should begin their vaccinations between 6 and 12 weeks of age and require boosters throughout their life.

Why Vaccinations are Important for Your Pet

We offer both core and noncore pet vaccinations. Core vaccines are important for every pet to remain healthy. For instance, parvovirus is extremely prevalent in our area, which is why puppies’ initial vaccination series includes up to 5 shots of their combination distemper vaccine, which includes parvo. Without a complete series of vaccinations, puppies are still vulnerable to the dangerous disease.

Noncore vaccines are only necessary if pets are at risk. While canine flu is a noncore vaccine, outbreaks in North Arkansas make this vaccine more and more important for your dog. Even so much as a friendly nuzzle in the dog park is enough to transmit the virus from one dog to another! Your veterinarian can discuss with you your dog’s individual risk and make the best call for their health.

Core Pet Vaccines Include

Dog Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza)
  • Bordetella
Cat Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia)
  • Bordetella
Ferret Vaccinations
  • Rabies
  • Ferret distemper virus

Noncore Pet Vaccines Include

  • Leptospirosis – this bacterium is found in contaminated soil and we highly recommend it for pets who are often outdoors.
  • Canine Influenza – this highly contagious respiratory infection comes in two strains, both of which are preventable with our bivalent vaccine. We recommend it for dogs in close contact with other dogs, similar to Bordetella.
  • Lyme – while Lyme disease is not a serious concern in our area, we do recommend the Lyme vaccine for dogs who are traveling, whether for leisure or competition.
  • Feline Leukemia – we strongly recommend feline leukemia for outdoor cats as this disease is highly contagious between cats and there is no cure, only management of the disease.
  • There are no noncore vaccines needed.

Keep Up with Pet Vaccination Boosters

Your pet will need an annual booster for many vaccines, although our Bordetella vaccine requires a booster every 6 months. This schedule also aligns with other important procedures including heartworm tests and fecal exams to check for intestinal parasites. We highly recommend your pet receive these tests every 6 months in accordance with the American Heartworm Society and the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

Please schedule your appointment online or call us at (870) 935-8387 today to talk about your new pet’s vaccine schedule, your older pet’s vaccine boosters, or any noncore vaccines you may want to add to your pet’s healthcare plan.