Veterinary Care for Exotic Pets and Small Farm Animals in Jonesboro, AR

Our basic rule of thumb is that if you can fit it through our doors (easily, and without the use of grease on its flanks), we can care for it. Exotic pets such as reptiles, birds, ferrets, and other small exotic mammals as well as small farm animals like goats, sheep, and pigs can all find a place at our animal hospital in Jonesboro. Additionally, we also offer beekeepers veterinary services for their bee colonies.

Exotic Pet Care in Jonesboro, AR

Unique Care for Unique & Exotic Pets

Exotic pets and small farm animals are all unique creatures that deserve a personalized brand of veterinary care. No matter what pet you bring in, we have the knowledge and the technology to care for them. While these animals may be different from cats and dogs, one thing remains the same: exotic pets and small farm animals need routine veterinary care too! For most pets, an annual exam will suffice, but for some, such as birds, semi-annual exams are better.

At an exotic pet or small farm animal wellness visit, we’ll perform:

  • A physical exam
  • Diagnostic blood work to screen for diseases
  • Fecal exam to check for intestinal parasites

To get started, give us a call at (870) 935-8387 or make an appointment online.

Exotic Pet Care in Jonesboro, AR

Exotic Pet Care in Jonesboro, AR

Diet and habitat are two of the most important factors in your exotic pet's health. It’s essential that their habitat and diet match as closely as possible to their natural environment. Otherwise, they could suffer from malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, and other degenerative conditions. Be sure to do your research so you can meet all of their needs, but as always, you can talk to us too!

Other services for exotic pets include:

  • Dental care for rabbits and rodents
  • Beak, wing, and talon trims for birds
  • Distemper and rabies vaccines for ferrets
  • Heartworm and flea prevention for ferrets
Small farm animal Pet Care in Jonesboro, AR

Small Farm Animals

Small farm animals may include goats, sheep, pigs, or chickens, and whatever their needs, we’re here to meet them. We can perform a range of services on our small farm animal patients, including:

  • Complete dental care
  • Spays and neuters on mammals
  • Soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries
  • Pregnancy monitoring
  • Deworming and vaccinations

Honeybee Veterinary Medicine

In addition to our work with exotic pets and small farm animals, we also provide honeybee veterinary medicine for beekeepers. Whether you're a professional beekeeper or have a personal colony, we can provide your hive with needed care including:

  • Apiary inspections (looking for signs of health and disease)
  • Prescriptions for antibiotics
  • Parasite prevention and treatment
  • Advice and guidance on honeybee health

Our veterinarian can visit you at your apiary. Call us today at (870) 935-8387 to schedule a time for us to visit.

Contact Us for More Information

If your pet, no matter what species, needs a specific procedure or type of care, please contact us at (870) 935-8387 to discuss their options. Our experienced staff has many capabilities that cannot all be listed here, so call us today to learn more.