Cancer Care

Pet Cancer Treatment

As pets age, their likelihood of developing cancer increases. Luckily, the experts at Animal Medical Center of Jonesboro stay up to date on the latest treatments used to fight cancer in pets. Additionally, our team will go above and beyond to ensure your pet stays as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment.

Pet Cancer Treatment Options

Pet Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is often recommended for cancers that have either already spread or are known to have a high potential for metastasis. Similar to human chemotherapy, in pet chemotherapy we will inject a drug that targets and kills rapidly dividing cancer cells, but also occasionally healthy cells.

We will monitor your pet closely to ensure the treatment is working and the side effects are minimal. In our experience, pets typically experience far fewer side effects than humans to the treatment. Frequency of treatments will depend on the type of cancer your pet has and their overall health.

Pet Surgery

To remove the cancerous tumor and as many cancerous cells as possible, your doctor may recommend surgery. Bloodwork and an ultrasound may be used to evaluate the size of the tumor and determine if surgery is an effective treatment option. Chemotherapy and tumor removal can be used together to treat cancer. Surgery may be used to remove the tumor and chemotherapy can be used first to reduce the size of a tumor or after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells. We will discuss your pet’s treatment options based on their condition and cancer type.