5 Benefits of Puppy Shots in Jonesboro, AR

If you have a new puppy in your family, you probably already know she needs to have her puppy shots. But did you know there are some specific reasons to get the right shots for your dog in a timely fashion? Although pet owners in Jonesboro may not realize it, there are several benefits to having your puppy’s shots kept up to date.

Puppy shots in Jonesboro, AR

Most Common Benefits of Puppy Shots in Jonesboro, AR

In this article, we will explore some of the most common benefits of puppy shots. With this information, you can easily see for yourself why they are so important.

Read on to find out more!

Less Risk of Puppy Illness

Puppies who have had their shots kept up to date are less likely to contract diseases and illnesses that can be spread between dogs. Puppies are especially susceptible to a variety of these illnesses, so you can do your dog a favor by ensuring she has all her shots as soon as she needs them.

One of the most common puppy illnesses is parvovirus, which is usually fatal for puppies and is very easily caught. This is why the parvovirus vaccination is one of the first shots your puppy will get during the first few months of her life, and it’s a good example of why puppies need their shots.

With the help of the right dog vaccinations, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about your new puppy coming down with a dangerous or potentially deadly disease. This is also a good way to protect your other pets from potentially getting sick if your puppy does, too.

Longer Life

Puppies in Jonesboro who have their shots have a better chance at a longer life than dogs who don’t get vaccinated for common illnesses. This is due in part to puppies who have had their shots being unable to get sick with illnesses that may be deadly to them at such a young age. When your puppy is up to date on her shots, she won’t run the risk of catching a fatal puppy illness.

However, the increased lifespan benefit goes beyond this as well. If your puppy does contract a serious illness during her early months but she recovers from it, she may have lifelong health problems because of it. She may also have a shortened lifespan, depending on the type and severity of the illness.

When you have your puppy vaccinated, you are preventing these potential issues from occurring. You’ll be able to keep your puppy from catching potentially fatal diseases with ease. In the same way, you can keep her from suffering long-term complications or having a weaker immune system by ensuring she gest the shots she needs while she’s still young.

Less Chance of Spreading Disease

Since your puppy won’t be able to catch serious diseases, she also won’t be able to spread them as easily, either.

If you keep your puppy’s shots up to date, she won’t risk carrying diseases between other unvaccinated dogs. This means she will be actively cutting down on the number of these cases that occur in your area every year.

Ability to Stay in Kennels

Dogs who are vaccinated are allowed to stay in kennels and other dog boarding facilities in Jonesboro. However, if your puppy is not given her shots in a timely manner, she won’t be allowed into these places. This is for the health and safety of all the dogs and humans present; dogs who aren’t vaccinated may risk spreading illness and disease to other dogs and even people who work there.

Some kennels may state they will take dogs without vaccinations. If you find a kennel that says this, you should look for another kennel. Any high-quality boarding facility will ensure dogs are healthy and free from disease before allowing them to stay.

Requirements by Law

Depending on where you live, there may be some puppy shots that are required by law. In many locations, dogs must receive a rabies vaccination every year, even if they don’t get any other shots. Your veterinarian in Jonesboro, AR can give you more information about these rules and laws where you live.

Keep in mind that some other organizations may require shots, too. If you live in a Homeowner’s Association or if you rent an apartment or home, your HOA or landlord may have specific requirements.

Keep Up to Date with Your Puppy’s Shots in Jonesboro, AR

Now that you know more about why puppy shots are important, you can schedule your new dog for the shots she needs. If you have any further questions or you’re unsure which shots your dog needs, you should reach out to your vet for more information.

Keep in mind that puppies need shots regularly during the first couple of years of their lives, so you will need to plan for this in your schedule as well as in your budget.

At Animal Medical Center of Jonesboro, we make sure your puppy receives the shots they need to stay healthy by tailoring a vaccination plan that fits their unique lifestyle. Our veterinarians care about your pet’s wellbeing, and we want them to live a long and happy life with you, which is why we stress the importance of staying up to date with your puppy’s shots. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact our animal hospital today.

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